Sarah had the misfortune to be involved in a car accident on the way home from work. And not only that, two witnesses told the police that they saw her come from an entirely different direction than she did. Therefore, was Sarah to blame or was it the other party?

How Sarah’s car accident happened

Sarah tells the story as follows; she drives quietly home from work on a Friday afternoon. Suddenly a car pulls out from a side road and hits her head-on. Both cars are irretrievably damaged in the car accident, but fortunately no one gets seriously injured. According to Sarah, the driver of the other car did not see her at all, but he did not get to speak to the police before he had to go to the hospital.

Witnesses to the car accident

There are two witnesses to Sarah’s car accident. They see the car accident just when the collision occurs, and tell the police that Sarah is coming from a different direction than the one Sarah explaned. Therefore, there is no connection between the two stories. The Police say that if she comes from the direction stated by the witnesses, she is also to blame for the car accident. Sarah will stand for a conditional suspension of her license.

Sarah proves her innocence

Sarah then remembers her electronic mileage log tells the police, that she most likely can prove her route and innocence in the car accident. She tells the police about her mileage log, which logs all her driving, and the police would like to investigate this in a meeting.
Sarah sets up a meeting at the police station the following Monday morning, and writes an email to Ecofleet about the case. She asks to be contacted and supported online at the agreed time. Ecofleets customer service department calls as requested and takes over her computer. Our employee, Peter finds the appropriate map- and driving data for Friday afternoon and informs the officer about the reliability and documentation of the logger.

Mileage log to the rescue

The logger confirms Sarah explanation and she is held free of blame for the car accident. Hooray!
The police explain the situation with the witnesses that they probably have turned their head as they hear the car accident, and see Sarah’s car when it is already hit and turned by the impact. Therefore, they see it, as if she comes from a completely different direction. The Police say this is often the case. Fortunately, her log proves her innocence.
– HOORAY for Mileage Log and the good customer service at Ecofleet!
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