A few days ago, we went live with our new concept Mileage Log! Here is what Mileage Log is all about – told by our VP of sales Robert Holm.

What is Mileage Log?

“The concept behind Mileage Log is to simplify and automate all processes related to the purchase and use of a unique electronic Mileage Log. We call this type of business for SaaS (Software as a Service). The customer does not buy a Mileage log up front or pay for a hardware. They pay an amount per month, where everything is included. “

What do customers get out of it?

“The point is that the customer can service themselves, and therefore meet his or hers individual needs. He is able to up- or downgrade his subscription as he pleases. Or buy more units directly in the system. When you buy a Mileage Log the process is 100% automated. This also means that we can lower the price and “Disrupt” the traditional way of doing business”.

How to buy a Mileage Log

“You buy the system to an electronic Mileage Log directly through the website, one should not worry about anything, everything is included and it is plug and play. The customer can service themselves, with support information on the website, direct chat to our customer service, blog about the current issues and help videos. The customer can quickly find answers to his questions about a Mileage Log. “

How do you see Mileage Log in the future?

“You do not get ahead by walking in the footsteps of others, so we continue to develop exciting new concepts to improve our electronic mileagelog and user experience through all phases. It is an ongoing process, which we enjoy very much at Ecofleet, and we are very proud of our new addition to the family – Mileage Log ” Robert Holm says, and he continues:

Mileage Log & Local Tax Rules

“The system and the customer experience is constantly evolving with several features aimed at the local market needs. Our focus is to adapt to the local tax rules and issues regarding a Mileage Log. At the same time we provide an ‘end-to-end solution’, with logging routes, classification of routes (private / business) and approval flow of routes, as well as API – integration to economy systems or travel management. “

Customers are ahead

“We work in an industry where more and more focus is online and on mobile devices, and here’s an example where Ecofleet can come up with new exciting concepts. We have worked with the development of mileage logbooks since 2006 and must constantly renew ourselves to get a head start with new solutions. Customers’ needs are always ahead of the companies’ development, so it creates attention from customers and get them to contact us, when we launch concepts like this. “

Ecofleet expects strong growth in all markets

In the coming years, the focus of this new solution for Mileage Log, but also in other core areas of Ecofleet.

“We cannot comment on specific numbers, but we have some pretty ambitious targets for 2016-17. This product is the first newcomer in a number of simplified products. We live in a world today where the customer wants to service him or herself. Our approach is that we offer the customer what they need in an easy self-service environment for the best price. Ecofleet has more than 60,000 units throughout Europe, we will continue our growth world wise, and therefore we are very ambitious, “concludes Robert Holm.

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