One simple mission

to provide simple, reliable, affordable, and accurate mileage logging for everyone.

We are on a mission to rid employees and companies of the annoying task of fulfilling local tax authorities’ complex rules for claiming business miles.

We love business...

We love doing smooth, hassle-free business.

We hate administration

We hate annoying administrative tasks. If we can help removing one of the most tedious task in business, we have succeeded.

Problem solvers

We are expert problem solvers and love coming up with new creative ideas.

Customer service

Our customers come first in all we do. We need you to be just as excited as we are.

Our Story

Starting in 2005 with our first Autolog PC version. Selling to the local Scandinavian markets. 12 years later we are still selling locally but now in 25 countries. Autolog has become the world’s leading developer of automatic mileage logging and tax compliant software for professionals.

Our customer range from single business owners to large enterprises. We have solutions you can grow with.

Today Autolog services more than 70.000 professionals with a hardware and app based mileage logging solution. Our simplified approach to a rather complex problem has resulted in tens of thousands of delighted customers. Professionals that with no interactions can claim their business mileage expenses.

We strive to be the best at what we do, and welcome anyone with the same business excitement as ours.


Robert Holm
Co-founder and CMO