We are going Live! Ecofleet is live today on June 1 with a completely new concept: Mileage Log!

Mileage Log is designed for you to meet you on your terms. We have directed all attention on your desires, needs and preferences in our new Ecofleet GPS-based Mileage Log.
We hope you like it!

Ecofleet puts the customer first

You feel safer if you have been properly informed and thus have received the right help prior to a purchase. It is the best way to ensure that you get the exact product you need.
Ecofleet Mileage Log is simple, informative and easily accessible. The user experience is absolute key; you can navigate on your own, you can follow our company, and we follow your needs.


Ecofleet Mileage Log contains all the features necessary to meet the requirements from the tax authorities (regarding registration of business driving).

  • Automatic logging of trips
  • Subdivision of private/business driving
  • Printing and/or submission of reports to your accountant/administrator
  • Plug & Play – only a few minutes to install and register
  • Access from any device and via Mileage Log App
  • Scalable; Ugrade or downgrade to fit your needs

Ecofleet user experience

Customer focused services are optimized with online access, improved self-service, increased information and online help. The customer can navigate himself to suit his needs, and we are at the same time right here to help you.
The reason behind this is, that people today inform him- or herself online and are often faster than companies on specific needs. All this information is provided online by Ecofleet.

Complex Ecofleet solution made simple

The solution Mileage Log is unique, and we have sent a signal to the market that Ecofleet can create complex solutions very simple. We always try to find new ways into the telematics market with focus on user experience. User experience is one of the core services of Ecofleet, which increases loyalty among our customers and makes their lives easier.

Mileage Log blog, get help and know about new features

Our blog will answer the most common issues associated with driving registration. The blog is based on the needs that typically occurs when you have an electronic mileage log. This way, we get all around the many uses of the logbook, tax, ‘How to’, ‘Tips and Tricks’ and more.

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