Ecofleet has thought about the issues related to GPS and privacy and built it into Mileage Log.
The need for most people is that they want to benefit from the advantages of GPS technology, but at the same time you cherish your privacy. Regarding Mileage Log, it means, that your mileage is done automatically using GPS technology. And the software is developed to keep the private tours private.

Mileage log GPS and privacy

It is very simple in the Mileage Log program:

  1. All trips are automatically logged and visible in the program with addresses
  2. Mark the trips as either private or business (and merge tours and edit if you need to)
  3. When you are satisfied, mark the trips as “done”

Your mileage is then already done, and ready to send to the appropriate person for you. Accountant / bookkeeper or administrator of the system, if you are using the Mileage Log Team version. This person can only view the trips you’ve marked as business. GPS and privacy is thus not an issue anymore.
That is, as we call it “For your eyes only”. You are also the only one who can see your trips on the map. The administrator / auditor cannot see anything without your consent. GPS and privacy issues are resolved.

Encrypted data

As soon as you are logged into the system, your data is encrypted. They are both secured to outsiders, and by sorting the trips, things are kept separate. It works a lot like your regular mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook, and is as easy to operate.
Our experience at Ecofleet is, that it is important to many people, that GPS service companies consider these issues regarding GPS and privacy. We have developed the system with this in mind, and the result is secure, reliable and user friendly.

GPS technology

You can read more about how we use GPS technology in our other blog posts. For example, how satellites and hardware communicates in the OBD II blog. Or the pros and cons of Hardware and App-solutions when choosing an electronic Mileage Log.

GPS and privacy and the Personal Data Protection Act

GPS and privacy is also important regarding the Personal Data Protection Act. The act states, that companies must not store private data. Therefore, Ecofleet only saves your data on our servers as long as you are a customer of ours. And we are obliged to delete the data, when a customer leaves us. According to Tax authorities, it is the private individuals, who are responsible for the driving documentation for 5 years back, it’s not the GPS service provider.
Therefore – if, for example. want to change Mileage Log provider, take a copy of all your driving reports, print them or save them in e.g. excel.

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