To choose an electronic mileage log with app or hardware – that’s the question I want to answer here.
There are many different electronic logbooks. But what is the difference and which technologies are best?
Through my work I have tried hundreds of apps and electronic logbooks for the last 10 years. My experiences and the pros and cons are shared here.

Hardware versus App

• App for driver’s log, is an app you download to your Smartphone.
• Hardware is a GPS device installed in your car.

Mileage Log with Hardware

A Mileage Log with hardware is a GPS device that logs your driving and thus your routes. Common hardware solutions are powered via the car’s power grid. Therefore, there is no problem of remembering them or that they run out of power.
Like Apps quality of the different hardware differs. A dedicated hardware device consists of two main components:

  • Hardware
  • Software

The software ensures that the hardware delivers the objective you want it to. Software is highly variable in quality depending on the person and the company behind.

Various installing options

The hardware can be installed in different ways, and it also has it’s pros and cons.

Behind the car panel

Hardware can be installed behind the panel in the car. This is something a mechanic should do since it’s fairly complicated. It is no problem to get a mechanic to do this, but it of course increases the cost of your mileage logbook.

On the car battery

Installation on the car battery is a little easier than behind the panel, but still typically a job for a mechanic. It puts greater demands on the hardware, since it then has to withstand water and dust. Electronics are generally not too happy about this.

In the car’s OBD connector

Mileage Log hardware is installed in the car’s OBD connector. The plug is typically very easily accessible and installation is something you can do yourself. The OBD connector, how it works and what you use it for, you can read more about here.
The advantages of this type of hardware is furthermore that you can connect and disconnect the device yourself. This keeps the price down and usability up.

See a video here, how easy it is.

Recommendation: A mileage log with hardware is the most reliable solution. The solution is recommended if you don’t want to worry about making your reimbursement and wants to be sure that all trips are logged.

Pros and cons of hardware

• Large selection
• Safe in operation
• Can be forgotten without problems

• May be difficult to install
• Can be expensive

Solution with Hardware and App

Mileage Log is a new product where all these considerations are integrated into the functionality and usability. The disadvantages are removed and the benefits highlighted:

  • It is easily accessible
  • It is easy to install via the OBD connector
  • Easy editing of routes via App
  • It is cheap and everything is included – including all upgrades
  • Reliable
  • It can be forgotten without losing your routes
  • Private trips remain private